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“Be kind whenever possible. It is always

School Presentations


Carol and Peyton are offering a limited number of free virtual school presentations for their book tour. Presentations focus on the story behind the story–Peyton Goddard's journey to inclusion–as well as appreciating differences in all. Carol, who has taught writing for more than two decades, can also lead students in activities to help them brainstorm ideas and tell their own story.

To request an author visit, email me at 


Themes and Discussion Questions

REAL is an empathy-building story about valuing all people, regardless of differences.


Download a PDF of the REAL Discussion Guide

Download a PDF of Inclusion Tips for Teachers and Kids

Classroom and book-club discussions can address topics such as–

  • Anti-bullying

  • Diverse friendships

  • Making assumptions about people based on appearances

  • Social justice and civil rights

  • Inclusion

  • The value of empathy over pity

  • Appreciating neurodiversity

  • Autism awareness

  • Self-acceptance


Watch the video below to hear author Carol Cujec introduce REAL and its important themes

Additional Resources on Inclusion

Kids Included Together –Helping organizations meaningfully include kids with disabilities

SWIFT Schools – Passionate about transforming U.S. public education so that all students are welcomed and included in their neighborhood schools and age appropriate general education classrooms with support

CHIME Institute –A national leader in the development and implementation of an unique model of inclusive education

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